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    With over 10 years of experience in business consulting
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Rowtex Export India Private Limited, Established in 2008 by Mr. Rohit Toprani Many years of experience with Geotextile, Ground Cover and innovative Agriculture Support materials made from PP and PE. New Materials and variations developed based on Customer need and internal Technical team from Verious Region of the World, North America, England, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. With more than 25 years of experience of making and supplying regional specific materials for the many regions of the world, our product have been evolved from generic products to result and purpose oriented designs. Knowledgeof Climate and geographic position and Topography location in relation to our product verity give our customer the edge to get the best possible yield to the support materials.


We are guided by Mr. Rohit Toprani, having more gathered more than 25 years’ of experience in Agriculture and Horticulture Products and decade long relation with Customer and perfection in Quality.


Our sales end only after our customer has achieved his goal for accruing our Products. Our experienced team helps and ensures that the product reaches correctly and on time.


Our product are Design and Built to deliver it purpose. With value for price and Assured of a long Life.


Our years of Experience has helped us develop the best Services Experience to make our customers and product users highest satisfaction.


Moisture Barrier for Water Conservation 2017

Rowtex has developed new technically engineered Product called Moisture Evaporation Barrier for Water Conservation. Built for the specific Purpose of Evaporation Barrier for Dry and limited availability for water for Farming and cultivation.

  1. 30% to 50% Reduction in need for irrigation water.
  2. 30% higher preservation of water from Natural Sources.
  3. Lower Soil Temperature compared to Atmosphere temperatures.
  4. Lower soil and Nutrients displacement due to excess Rain or Irrigation water Flow.
  5. Blocking of unwanted Weed Growth that are parasites on plantation.
  6. Higher moisture availability of water for cultivated plants.
  7. Low cost of application and 3 years to 8 years product life.
  8. Easy to apply and Replace with Minimum Labour.

Flector-mat 2018

Rowtex has re-engineered the Flector-mat. Product has been redesigned to enhance the refection of light and to increase application life of the product by 40% with the help of a special Surface treatment and Strengthened backing. Our trials in 2017 at customer location have yielded the desired results.


Rowtex Exports India Pvt Ltd is committed to High Quality Standards for all it products. Our quality is tested and accepted in 25 Different Countries around the world
   We understand the importance of timely delivery for our customer and are committed deliver the product as promised.
   We are equipped to assess market trends and prices movement from Raw Material to finish products and share our forecast with our Customer in order to protect.